How to Grow Long Hair? Use 4 Tried and Trusted Methods!

Long, thick, healthy hair is many women’s dream. We often want to grow long tresses in the springtime or summer when it’s easier to show them off. Of course we can simply give up on trimming and wait for hair to grow. However, the effect may be far from what’s desired… That’s why we share 4 brilliant ways for growing long hair. They are tried and trusted by people all around the globe!

1. Hair ends

Is it a really good idea to avoid a hair salon? First and foremost, we need to clear up some doubts. Surprisingly, the first step towards longer hair is… cutting the ends off! It may sound weird but it really makes sense. If you don’t get rid of split ends, the damage will go upwards, affecting the hair throughout the length. You don’t want long and split strands, do you? That is why getting trimmed every six months (or even every three months) is necessary. Don’t worry. We don’t mean a pixie haircut. You can just cut off an inch of hair. This way you grow long hair which is thick and healthy!

2. Healthy scalp

While growing long hair, a scalp treatment is a must. This is a product which speeds up the growth and additionally inhibits hair loss. There are plenty of different scalp treatments available. Choose the best one for your scalp. If it’s sensitive, get alcohol-free products. Remember that regular application is essential to make them work. Use it every day or before/after washing. The effect appears very fast. On top of that scalp treatments cause brand-new hairs to grow out! If you combine it with scalp massage you make the substances penetrate the follicles more easily.

3. Healthy body

There’s a reason why it’s said you are what you eat. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables and fish. Supplementation is also helpful, and if you want to trigger faster growth, we recommend:

  • vitamins B
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D

Your whole body will benefit from the vitamins, not just hair.

4. Herbs

We take a wild guess and say you drink at least one coffee and tea every day. Try to replace one of them with herbal tea or add herbs to your daily “drinking menu”. Herbs make hair grow faster but also strengthen the follicles, reducing hair loss and balancing the oil secretion. Plus, they have a positive effect on the nails. Nettle and horsetail are said to be the best for hair growth. You will get used to the taste and enjoy great results!

Remember that regularity is the key to success. If you start following our tips, your hair will be completely different in no time!

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