Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Last year I was going through the radiotherapy and it did burn some part of my face. My lashes and brows were affected and eventually they fell out. I was not informed about that kind of side effect and I was really scared when all of that was happening. At that time, I was not sure if my brows and lashes would grow back so I was looking for any kind of information regarding this issue online and that’s how I found Nanolash. I could see that many women after chemo treatment had the same problem and they solve it with this eyelash serum.

As my skin was already irritated, I needed the product that will be gentle to my eye areas and which will not cause any further discomfort. Nanolash Serum is safe and its formula is free of any harsh chemicals. Additionally, it is cruelty-free and recommended to anyone after the chemotherapy.

nanolash-7I started using this serum 5 months ago. I could notice new lashes growing back after the first month of daily use. The funny thing is the new lashes are much darker than my previous ones. Initially, they were short but there were plenty of them. Within the next 3 months, they doubled their original length and they look fuller. There are still straight but I use the lash curlier and I manage them this way. I couldn’t find any info if Nanolash can be used on brows. At the beginning, I was applying it only to the lash line. After a month when I saw that the product was gentle and that it was working, I started using it also on my brow bone. Within 2 months, my brows grew much darker and very thick.

I am at the beginning of the 5th month and I am not using it every night like before. I usually apply the Nanolash serum two times a week to maintain the effect. I do recommend this product to anyone whose lashes or brows have fallen out and who would like them to grow back stronger and healthier.

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