Get the Perfect Lash Definition. These Best Mascaras Will Help You Out

Lovely, well-maintained lashes are women’s calling card. At the same time, few women have fabulous lash fans by nature. In most cases, we need the right product to get thicker, longer lashes, however, choosing a mascara that is just right isn’t so easy. Which one is really worthwhile?

What are the qualities of a good mascara?

The best mascara. What is it like? Many women ask themselves the question. The drugstore shelves are bending under the weight of mascara formulas so there’s no wonder picking one is tricky.

At the same time, we need to underline that there are some qualities most women want their mascara to have: it must be long-wear, effective, and have the perfect brush. The three things guarantee we can apply makeup precisely, providing full coverage from root to tip.

Out of popular products, we managed to pick out four that stand out. Not only are they highly rated by most testers but also guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Mascaras That Will Get You the New Look!

Summing up, a good mascara needs to:

  • be long-lasting.
  • produce desired results.
  • come with a perfectly-shaped brush.

Naturally, things like safe formulation or speed of drying matter as well.

The presented four mascaras are the products every woman can use during makeup routine fuss-free.

perfect mascara nanolash

#1 Nanolash Mascara

The Nanolash Mascara is surely one of the top-ranked mascaras on the market, and most testers are happy with the makeup looks it creates.

There are two types of mascara, which is an extra asset for sure. You can choose between the Nanolash Volume Up Mascara adding thickness to lashes, and the Nanolash Length & Curl Mascara for longer and lifted lashes.

In both cases, you can count on a superb brush made from top-quality silicone. You will easily separate the lashes without any clumping. Thanks to the perfect shape, the spoolie applies the mascara onto the corner eyelashes trouble-free.

On top of that, the Nanolash Mascara lasts long, staying flake-free all day.

#2 Lashcode Mascara

Next comes a thickening and lengthening mascara that also enjoys great popularity.

The Lashcode Mascara comes with a fantastic spoolie brush whose perfect shape guarantees clump-free application. The product is exceptionally long-wearing too. The testers didn’t spot any flaking or clumping after a long day of wear, and we couldn’t find any comments saying the mascara would smudge from humidity.

#3 Chanel Le Volume Mascara 

The Chanel Le Volume Mascara is one of the products that became popular fast. At the same time, there are many testers complaining about a few things. Above all else they point out the Chanel Le Volume Mascara may slightly clump the lashes during application. This may be because of the brush shape that needs improving.

On the other hand, most women don’t complain about the durability and don’t mention any flaking in their reviews. However, we couldn’t find anything about how the mascara does in rainy weather.

#4 Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara 

The Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara is designed for giving lashes curl and noticeable thickness. The reviews clearly show that such results can only be achieved after applying another layer of the product. 

The mascara spoolie brush has a proper shape which allows us to grab short lashes in the corner of the eyes without much trouble. However, the testers say the Maxi Lash So Volume Mascara isn’t long-wear enough and tends to clump and flake fast.

Summary of the Ranking of the Best Mascaras

The Nanolash Mascara proves the undisputed winner which steals women’s hearts letting them use the full potential of their eyelashes. Still, the other macaras should be appreciated as well.

When choosing the perfect mascara, you should focus on your needs and wants so that applying makeup can be enjoyable, not just another thing on the long to-do list of daily chores.

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