Jelly Mushroom Has Stronger Moisturizing Properties Than Hyaluronic Acid!

Have fungi any health benefits? Positive. Can they be used in skin care? Again, the answer is positive. And the best fungus that you can use to improve the appearance of your complexion is the so-called jelly mushroom. What are its effects on skin? What should you know about the mysterious jelly mushroom?

Jelly mushroom, aka snow mushroom 

Snow mushroom resembles a jelly flower or coral. Its jagged edges are ever so characteristic, so it can’t be confused with other organisms of this kind. This fungus is light in color, almost white, and has no specific flavor or smell.

In Japan, people call snow mushrooms Shiro kikurage, which literally translates as “tree jellyfish”. This name explains a lot about this extraordinary fungus. In China, it is called Yín ěr, which means “silver ear”. Truth be told, this fungus has many names, and therefore try to remember the official one – snow fungus (Tremella fuciformis).

This mushroom enjoys a huge popularity in Asia, where it is often used as an ingredient, added to various dishes. Outside Asia, you can find it mostly in a dried form.

Jelly mushroom in skin care

What is the history of the jelly mushroom finding its place in the beauty industry? Well, it’s owed to Asians who started making use of the positive effects that snow mushroom has on the skin. With time, they started using the fungus as a component of many skin care products, and therefore now you can find it in sheet masks, face creams and cleansing cosmetics.

The list of benefits for skin is quite interesting. Jelly mushroom is known for

  • relaxing and soothing skin,
  • making skin deeply moisturized,
  • stimulating cell renewal,
  • slowing down aging,
  • providing UV and damage protection.

Alternative to hyaluronic acid

The deeply moisturizing effect of the jelly mushroom deserves special recognition. Dermatologists agree that the snow fungus displays a stronger moisturizing effect on the skin than the commonly used hyaluronic acid. Why is that? Because the jelly mushroom has smaller particles, and therefore it is able to penetrate the skin faster and deeper. Interestingly, it is proven to lock more water inside the skin than hyaluronic acid. In addition, the jelly mushroom slows down melanin synthesis, which results in brighter-looking complexion.

And the best bit is that just a tiny portion of jelly mushroom suffices to lock the moisture inside the skin. After a single application, skin becomes pleasantly smooth and relaxed. Obviously, this effect can be achieved with other skin care products as well, especially with those enriched with hyaluronic acid, but this depends on how large the concentration of the acid is.

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