Natural oils in your everyday skincare. Which ones should you choose?

More and more people choose natural oils. Skincare with natural products gets more popularity day by day – we are really happy about it! The oil that was well chosen can replace even make-up removers, cream, or serum. How to choose the right oils for your skin type? Why should you use them?

Plant-based oils – what are those and why should you use them?

Those are natural liquid fats obtained from oily parts of plants. Those can be extracted from seeds, fruits, shoots, and fruit stones.

Why do so many people turn to natural skincare with oils? The answer is really simple: oils are rich in fatty acids. They have moisturizing, revitalizing, nourishing properties. Oils can even provide an anti-aging effect! No wonder they get so many followers who are in awe of them.

Not all oils hold the same properties. How so? It depends on the type of fatty acids. For this reason, you need to choose according to your needs and skin type – otherwise, it may cause more damage than help.

Which oil to choose?

Fatty acids are the main component of oils. How to choose oil for your skin type? Just check the type of acids.

Which oils are the most important in skincare? Most of all, the ones with a high concentration of:

  • Linoleic acid – it belongs to omega-6 acids,
  • Alpha-Linolenic acid – it belongs to omega-3 acids,
  • Gamma-Linolenic acid – it belongs to omega-6 acids.

Those are so-called EFA – essential fatty acids.

Attention: The aforementioned EFAs are the ones that are responsible for fewer blackheads and imperfections! Why does it happen? Linoleic acid is a natural ingredient of human sebum and impacts the work of sebaceous glands to regulate sebum secretion.

Thanks to oils with this acid, acne changes are inhibited over time. The problematic skin has less linoleic acid so it needs to be replenished. The oils make skin preserve its balance and absorb better the vitamins soluble in fats. The best part is – that epidermis is regenerated much faster. How to choose oil accordingly to your skin type?

Oils for normal and combination skin

Here best will be semi-drying oils:

  • almond oil – very gentle while holding moisturizing and nourishing properties. It eliminates skin issues and is absorbed really fast without a trace.
  • argan oil – the most powerful oil in the cosmetology that holds anti-aging properties, is able to flatten minor wrinkles and furrows, makes skin supple and elastic. It takes care of skin regeneration and right nourishment while calming inflammations.

Oils for dry and mature skin

Here the best choice is non-drying oils which are thick and leave an invisible layer on the skin as a sort of protective shield.

  • avocado oil – it is a vitamin bomb for dry skin because it perfectly moisturizes, hydrates and smooths the skin out while holding antioxidant action.
  • macadamia oil – provides the optimal level of hydration and is highly revitalizing to the skin. It holds anti-aging properties and is absorbed the best out of all oils.

Oils for problematic and oily skin

Dry oils will be a great choice here because are able to regulate the work of sebaceous glands without clogging the pores.

  • jojoba oil – it has antibacterial properties and absorbs really well. It regulates sebum secretion and prevents skin dryness. The interesting fact is that – it works for absolutely everyone!
  • black seed oil – it is perfect for acne-prone skin. It narrows pores, makes skin resistant to toxins and pollution. It also has anti-aging properties and provides a high level of hydration.

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