Allergy to false eyelash extensions. How to cope with complications occurred after the procedure?

Are irritations caused by having false eyelash extensions attached rare? Contrary to popular belief, such adverse reactions of the organism are fairly frequent, especially when it comes to sensitive, delicate and irritation-prone skin types. Hence, it’s worth running an allergy test before undergoing this kind of a procedure.

Very few people are aware of the fact that synthetic lashes can pose danger to us. Many women think that since such a great number of clients get their lashes extended at a beauty parlour’s then this beauty treatment must be completely safe. Unfortunately, both synthetic lashes as well as natural ones might cause allergies. Similar case is with adhesives and all the preparations used during the procedure.

The most frequent signs of allergy triggered by false extensions are:

• first and foremost, experiencing itchy sensation around eyes and developing swelling which can lead to inflammations;
• damages of eyelash follicles which result in, for example, excessive eyelash loss, disturbed or halted eyelash growth process;
• bacterial, virus and even fungal infections as well as allergic reactions leading to, for example, changes of the iris colour and darkening it.

How to protect yourself from irritations?

It happens too frequently that unconsciously women expose themselves to the above-mentioned side effects. Although it may sound unlikely to happen, it’s worth protecting yourself from these adverse reactions. Is it possible to somehow avoid irritations connected with false eyelash extensions? Undoubtedly, the best solution would be resigning from having them attached in the first place.

It goes without saying that eyelash serums are much better than false eyelash extensions. Such beauty products are known for reinforcing, speeding up eyelash growth and protecting them from damaging factors. The finest formulas featuring concentrated substances can be found by reading product reviews and browsing webpages containing the best eyelash serum rankings.

However, if we, for some unknown reason, are convinced that we won’t obtain satisfactory effects by applying an eyelash serum (which is far from being true and it’s worth giving a go to this alternative at least once), we can take care of our lashes and eyes in some other way. Basically, following a few simple pieces of advice should do.

Before you start getting false eyelash extension procedure done, remember:

1. Before every single use of an adhesive (the one you haven’t put on yet), run an allergy test. This will help you eliminate hypersensitization to any of the product’s ingredients.

2. If you happened to be irritated by a substance, try to remember the very ingredient. Owning to this, it would be easier for you in the future to avoid buying the products including this allergy-triggering substance.

3. Rigorously follow the highest hygiene standards so as to avoid complications connected with bacteria and makings. Regularly cleanse false eyelashes.

4. Take care of proper false eyelash application as well as the professionalism while undergoing the beauty treatment. Even the smallest mistakes made during the procedure may cause eyelash overburdening, itchiness and discomfort.

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