5 useful tips to keep lashes healthy

Are your lashes thin, short and brittle? Can’t you live without a mascara? Keep reading to find out whether you know how to take care of the eyelashes correctly. Here are five ideas that could significantly help you keep the eyelashes healthy and strong. Stop focusing on the theory and move on to practice! Make your eyelashes stunning today!

Many women aren’t aware of the fact that eyelashes – alike the hair – require daily attention. Most of us believe that mascara alone suffices and turn our thin eyelashes into a beautiful fan. The truth is though that you have to take care of the lashes, make them stronger from within if you want to enjoy enhanced look. Following the right lash improving techniques, you will create the effects that no mascara is able to give you – bring out the natural beauty of your eyelashes. A good mascara will only enhance it more.

How to promote healthy eyelashes? A bunch of tips

How to take good day-to-day care of lashes to achieve the best effects? Just change a few of your habits. Here are 5 useful tips to follow.

1. Always do eye makeup removal

It would be better if you started from the very beginning. Sometimes these are really prosaic activities that measurably improve the appearance of lashes – such as makeup removal. Do it every day and do it carefully so as to make sure that your eyelids are freed from makeup residues. The difference will be fast to notice. Eyelashes regenerate as we sleep, therefore it would be wise to facilitate them this process. All types of impurities, dead skin cells, sebum and color cosmetics that build up on lashes and the roots can make them weak and impede regeneration. More worryingly, if done carelessly, makeup removal may cause irritation to eye skin.

2. Choose only the best mascara products

The products we use for coating the eyelashes also have an immense influence over the condition the lashes are in. You may use a mascara that is formulated with chemicals and wasn’t subjected to any clinical trials, the mascara that will leave the lashes clumpy and will make them weaker with every application. However, you can also choose a mascara that is lightweight, formulated with natural waxes, contains mineral pigment and enriched with extra nourishing substances such as vitamins and natural oils. The choice is yours.

3. Applying natural oils to eyelashes

Obviously, developing good lash care habits is essential. In order to accomplish this task successfully, you can reach for natural oils that – when used regularly – promote lash health by maintaining the hydration levels and supplying the lashes with essential nutrients. What natural oils work for eyelashes? Castor oil is the master, but you can also give other oils a try: argan oil, almond oil or grapeseed oil. You have to apply them to eyelashes every day after makeup removal. You can use an old mascara wand to spread the oil evenly.

4. Reach for eyelash serum

Sometimes natural oils aren’t strong enough to help us improve the lashes. Their power is limited because the oil can’t penetrate lashes deeply – it only creates a protective coat around each hair. In the case of severally damaged eyelashes, it’s better to reach for advanced and somehow stronger support such as an eyelash serum. Again, while searching for the best eyelash serum for your lashes, you should check the list of ingredients a particular products is made up of. A good eyelash serum contains natural extracts, vitamins and minerals that all together deal with brittle eyelashes to gradually make them stronger and ensure the favourable environment for the growth. If you reach for the right eyelash serum, which offers you well-selected ingredients, you will notice the lashes getting longer, stronger and thicker pretty soon.

5. Be gentle to the lashes

The last tip is more general and applies to all the procedures we expose the lashes to. For example, if you remove makeup, don’t rub the lashes too vigorously. Instead, use a micellar lotion that attracts and collects impurities with one wipe. Secondly, if you coat the lashes with a mascara, do this carefully in order not to clump them or break. Thirdly, try not to touch the eyes, or rub them because in this way you also expose the eyelashes to damage. Finally, instead of attaching falsies to extend the lashes, you better take care of the natural lashes of yours to help them grow longer and healthier.

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