Beauty Tricks You Must Try

Heated Eyelash Curler

Which of us doesn’t like curled lashes? We buy mascaras with brushes that suppose to help us in achieving that, we spend whole days at beauty parlours, so that professional beautician curled our lashes, we use all the freaky gadgets. However, best solution is use of heated curler. Heat will make lashes preserve curl much longer. Remember only, that curler should be used before mascara. Why? Firstly, you could mess whole curler, and secondly, mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow could get rubbed of. Instead of curler, you can buy small thermal curler. What will you choose?

Cat line make-up

Lines with eyeliner or black, soft pencil became true trend among girls. Sadly, not all of them know how to use this cosmetic. It happens that lines are too thick, uneven, go downwards or go up to the eyebrows. If you want to create perfect, so called cat eye make-up then you have to first apply mascara. This way you’ll be able to know what is best angle for the line, and where should it end. From now on, make-up will be fun.

Application of eyeshadow with fingers

Application of eyeshadow with a brush became a tradition. Some make-up artists claim that best are synthetic brushes, and others that brushes with natural bristle and wooden elements. And so there are also those who just use small sponge applicators. But did you know that eye shadows can be applied with fingers? Texture of some of them particularly allows it. Besides, then cosmetic will give more intense finish, colour is more effective and skin evenly covered with the product. Of course after application you have to wash your hands.

Mega volume for hair

In the past, to gain some volume, was made so called backcomb. Unfortunately, this trick damaged streaks, caused dryness and led to brittles. Hair became weak and fine at the roots. Today, for more volume we use mousses, rollers or special drying techniques. As a result are hair style is elegant and hair – strong and glossy.

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