Cluster Lashes For DIY Application. Check Out Which Are The Best!

Every woman dreams of long and thick eyelashes with a beautiful curl. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is rarely so generous. So it’s no wonder that women have to resort to different ways to achieve the desired goal. The beauty market is full of cluster lashes for DIY lash extensions. However, which ones are the best?

DIY application cluster lashes ranking – how was it created?

The ranking of false cluster eyelashes for self-application presented below was created based on the most renowned products on the beauty market. They have received and continue to get positive reviews from women.

While creating the chart, we considered several factors. These include:

  • the quality of the eyelashes;
  • easy/difficult application;
  • appearance and aesthetics;
  • durability.

On this basis, it was possible to prepare a complete and informative ranking, which should make it easier for you to make your final choice.

All the ready-made eyelash clusters presented below allow you to create a natural-looking lash look at home in a relatively short time. Thanks to DIY lash extensions, women no longer have to visit their beauticians. Nowadays they can do their own lash extensions at home and create stunning lash looks by themselves!

The best false cluster lashes – top chart

There are many choices among false eyelashes for self-application at home. However, only a few of them actually deserve attention. Thanks to them, getting your dream and natural-looking eyelashes will be much easier!

1. Cluster lashes from Nanolash – DIY Lash Extensions

artificial eyelashes ranking

DIY Eyelash Extensions from Nanolash are the undisputed leader in the world of do-it-yourself lash extensions. These pre-made cluster lashes for at-home application can be applied in just 10 minutes as the manufacturer suggests, and this is confirmed by the reviews of many satisfied women.

The false eyelashes for self-application from Nanolash are soft, lightweight, and perfectly mimic natural lashes. One case contains 36 cluster lashes in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. There are 8 styles to choose from.

The wide selection of lash styles allows you to create both Russian Volume lashes and a delicate look for everyday wear.

The effects of a single application can last for 5 days. What’s more, you don’t need to have any prior experience with DIY lash extensions. The application involves 3 easy steps in the comfort of your own home.

It is worth noting that DIY Lash Extensions are also available as part of a complete eyelash extension kit. It contains all the necessary accessories like a bonder, a sealer, special tweezers, and a Nanolash remover.

With no doubt, DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash are the undisputed leader in the field of do-it-yourself eyelash extensions. This product has gained a wide circle of followers, who can confirm the producer’s promises. DIY Eyelash Extensions clumps can be:

  • applied in only 10 minutes;
  • bought as a whole kit, along with the necessary accessories;
  • worn for 5 days.

Thus, these cluster lashes seem to be an ideal option for women who have never tried applying lash extensions on their own at home.

DIY Eyelash Extensions are a premium product. Women praise these cluster lashes for many reasons. They appreciate the fact that the Nanolash lash clusters are extremely lightweight and cruelty-free. The Nanolash brand has taken care of all aspects, not only regarding the appearance and durability of the lashes but also the extremely simple application of the ready-made clusters. Visit the Nanolash website to learn more about their cluster lashes for at-home application.

2. KISS Falscara Starter KIT

This product resembles traditional strip eyelashes although it differs significantly from them. The KISS Falscara Starter KIT involves tiny clusters of false lashes that are lightweight and thin. The clusters are applied underneath natural lashes and do not create a fake-looking effect.

As part of the kit, you get a BOND&SEAL product to prep the lashes, as well as tweezers to facilitate their application. The application is simple and also shouldn’t take too long. Nevertheless, a lot depends on whether you have any prior experience in this area. Otherwise, you will have to practice a bit in order for the application to meet your expectations.

It is worth noting that the lashes from KISS Falscara Starter KIT can be worn continuously for several days, but that requires using OVERNIGHTER Long Wear Sealer, which is, unfortunately, missing from the kit and must be purchased separately. In addition, the specific formula of the product makes the clusters unsuitable for reuse once they are taken off. This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the KISS Falscara Starter KIT. With Nanolash kit, everything was included.

3. Tatti Invisi-Lash Kit 

The Invisi Lash Kit from the TATTI brand is another product to consider for DIY eyelash extensions at home. These false lash clusters are available in 4 lengths: 8, 10, 12, and 14 mm, which allows you to shape and adjust them to your own needs. The kit also includes a bonder, a sealer, and an applicator to make it easier to apply your
DIY lashes.

The Invisi-Lash Kit lashes are reusable. However, the clusters may deform and change their shape if you are not gentle with them.

The application of the ready-made clusters themselves, according to women’s reviews, is a bit more difficult than with the DIY Lash Extensions, although practice makes perfect. The included applicator helps to apply the lash clusters about 1 mm away from the lash line, but its contouring leaves much to be desired.

Thanks to the different sizes of lashes in one kit, you can tweak your lash look at will. The Invisi-Lash Kit allows for creating both volumizing lashes, but also gentle lash extensions for everyday wear.

Invisi-Lash Kit provides ready-to-apply eyelash clusters that look decent, but their durability could be improved, which determined this particular product’s position in the ranking.

4. Velour-Xtensions Kit

Velour-Xtensions Kit provides false eyelashes in clusters for self-application, and the kit has appeared on the market quite recently. However, users are not exactly thrilled with the effects they can get with these clusters. There have been some opinions claiming that they do not work well with Russian Volume lashes.

Velour-Xtensions Kit lashes are available as a set in 3 lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. The false lashes come on a thin strip, which allows you to cleverly disguise the line of the lash connection. The application itself is supposed to take no more than 10 minutes as promised by the manufacturer.

The lifespan of effects of a single application using the clusters from Velour is not explicitly stated. On the website, the manufacturer indicates that everything depends on individual predispositions and care. It also claims that Velour Xtensions Kit lashes are not waterproof and should not be wetted for up to 24 hours after application. This, in turn, is one of the biggest drawbacks of the kit.

5. Lashify Starter Kit

The Lashify Starter Kit is another product that can help achieve a full, natural-looking array of lashes in the comfort of your home. The kit from Lashify comes standard with pre-made clusters as well as accessories aimed to make the application much easier.

The DIY application lashes from Lashify are also designed with sensitive eyes in mind, so generally, they are dedicated to any woman. The application of these false lashes shouldn’t cause much of a problem either. However, you need to prep your lashes well and be patient. First, you need to apply a coat of mascara and, in comparison, with the cluster lashes from Nanolash, this was not necessary.

Lashify Starter Kit provides lashes with exceptional flexibility and softness. They adjust to the shape of the eyelid and mimic natural lashes. A huge drawback of this product, however, is that both the starter pack and the refill packs contain only 10 lash clusters. The kit allows for only one application each time. And you should also know that the Lashify kit is probably the most expensive product available on the market.

The guaranteed durability of the effects of a single application is 4-5 days. However, the manufacturer makes it clear that these pre-made lash clusters for self-application must be properly cared for. This is the only way to extend their durability. Interestingly, the lashes from the Lashify Starter Kit can be worn a little longer if you use the manufacturer’s bonding method. Unfortunately, these accessories are not included in the kit, which makes this product undeserving a higher place in the ranking.

6. QUEWEL DIY Lash Kit

QUEWEL DIY Lash Kit is the last product in the ranking of do-it-yourself lash extensions at home, which deserved its last place. It allows you to create a variety of eyelash styles – from Russian Volume to gentle lash looks for everyday wear. However, it’s not as easy as with the cluster lashes from Nanolash. You’ll need some experience in the application of these lashes or simply practice a bit.

The kit contains accessories designed to make application easier. Eyelashes can be applied both from the top and from the bottom. The whole process should not take more than 15 minutes, although everything depends on the prior preparation of natural eyelashes. Again, there is a longer application time involved.

The pre-made QUEWEL DIY Lash Kit clusters can be worn for several days. However, everything depends on the right care. The clusters should be combed, and it is recommended to avoid oil-based cosmetics.

Users who decided to try QUEWEL DIY Lash Kit claim they actually achieved the desired results, although it was not easy. The product can also be removed after one or two days of wear. The kit comes with a remover that should make this easier.

Ranking of the best cluster lashes for DIY application – summary

Every woman dreams of healthy and thick lashes with a beautiful curl. Now this dream can finally become a reality. Thanks to the products listed in the ranking, women can achieve the desired effect in just a few minutes.

Choosing the right cluster lashes for at-home application is extremely important. You should think carefully, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the listed products.

It is also worth considering that some kits offer 3, and some 4 lengths of eyelashes. In this case, it is necessary to decide what kind of styling you want to create at home.

Of course, the final choice of product is already up to you. You know best which cluster lashes for at-home application can meet your expectations.

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