Eyelash extensions. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Does getting false eyelash extensions applied have any sense? This is the question that women, who aren’t fully satisfied with their appearance, ask themselves. They look for a way to gain prettier lashes. However, before undergoing such a procedure, let’s analyse all pluses and minuses connected with it.

Various kinds of eyelash procedures are a truly tempting solution because they are liked with many advantages. Definitely, false lashes are the life-saver for all the women who are sick and tired of the everyday, mundane use of a mascara. The subject of false eyelash extensions procedure is associated with many myths, and this makes us a little bit confused. Does false eyelash extensions procedure pay off? Can this kind of a treatment damage lashes? Maybe there are some better methods of improving look of lashes?

False eyelash extensions procedure – Advantages

1. Time saving is the most persuasive argument which takes women into undergoing the very procedure. Such a treatment is a way to reduce time that is normally devoted to applying make-up and removing it. Eyelashes remain defined all the time, no matter if it is morning, afternoon or evening.

2. Money saving is also frequently placed on the list of the bright sides of false eyelash extensions procedure. Once having false lashes attached, products like a mascara or other lash enhancing cosmetics suddenly become redundant. However, some women find this mock saving because fill-in sessions cost a pretty penny.

False eyelash extensions procedure – Disadvantages

1. The biggest drawback of this treatment is its harmfulness. False lashes (clusters or flares) are a considerable burden for natural lashes. As a consequence, natural eyelashes frequently become weaker, start falling out and turn out to be brittle.

2. False eyelashes (especially the ones of animal origin such as mink’s fur) as well as synthetic adhesives may cause irritations and allergic reactions. More often than not, false eyelash extensions procedure results in inflammation.

3. It may seem that having false eyelashes attached for good makes life easier. Unfortunately, it appears that synthetic lashes require way more attention than the natural hair which needs just to be treated with an eyelash serum at bedtime. It must be realized that synthetic lashes have to be combed, made clean with delicate lotions (oil-free), regularly filled-in. In order to help them preserve their original shape, you need to be very cautious. You can’t touch false extensions, you have to avoid water and cosmetics containing oils. Indeed, this is rather troublesome.

4. The final effect can be made too obvious to notice, to say the least. There are dozens of shapes and lengths of false extensions available as there are plenty of application methods – this shouldn’t be considered as an asset. If the method of application and length of lashes are mismatched, we will look unnatural, almost comical. Besides, it doesn’t take long to get used to having long and thick lashes, which makes that once taken off, our natural lashes seem to be thin and almost invisible.

How to define lashes when we don’t want to get false eyelash extensions attached?

An easy way to get the look you want without exposing lashes to the procedure is reaching for an eyelash serum (you can find out which eyelash serum is suitable for you by reading the products’ reviews). One tube of a high quality cosmetic lasts for 6 months and frequently costs less than false eyelash extensions procedure. Concentrated formula of the best conditioning and stimulating substances makes natural lashes look better than false extensions. Serum is to strengthen, regenerate, extend, thicken and beautify. All of these can be obtained with little time and almost no effort.

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