Guerlain: Super Aqua Creme

We all know that at night our skin regenerates and rests, just like the whole body. That is why, before we go to sleep, we should deliver all the necessary nourishing ingredients to our skin. It is best to do that by application of the proper cosmetics. One of those cosmetics is anti-wrinkle Super Aqua Creme from Guerlain.

Super Aqua Creme from Guerlain is designed for the skincare of mature skin with the first signs of ageing, dehydrated and dry. It should be applied in the evening after make-up removal on the dry skin. Small amount of the product apply on the central area of the face, and then distribute it on the external areas. Cream should be tapped in with the tips of the fingers in circular motion. You can perform additional massage to boost blood circulation in the epidermis cells and tone up the skin condition.

How does Super Aqua Creme from Guerlain work?

Great role here has hydration of the deep layers of the skin. This is where restoration of epidermis and its cells starts. If we ensure certain level of hydration, we can delay wrinkles, discolourations and other imperfections of the appearance. People with deep wrinkles and difficult to get rid of sun spots and age spots may also try Super Aqua Creme. However, they must be patient, because in their case, product won’t bring instant results. Firstly, they can observe radiation, smoothing and hydration, and then the wrinkles will become more shallow and epidermis will restore.

Super Aqua Creme from Guerlain has a delicate rose, jasmine and Ylang Ylang flower fragrance. Product contains few so called clogging substances, that may cause blackheads, and also Xanthan gum and alcohol. Those ingredients may lead to irritations with people with sensitive skin; they may also be bad for people with allergies and people with other skin conditions. Fortunately, in Super Aqua Creme are also natural, soothing and moisturising substances.

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