How to Stop Hair Thinning? Proven Home Solutions

Are you losing too much hair every day? Before you arrange a meeting with a trichologist, try to combat the hair shedding problem on your own, turning to all-natural methods and treatments that you can expose your hair to at home. The surveys show that home procedures are highly effective against excessive hair loss. See the best ideas on how to get fuller-looking hair without professional assistance.

Follow a vitamin-rich diet for fuller-looking hair

Truth be told, food is one of the most important cosmetics that you can reach for, and therefore introducing more nutritious food products can help you a lot in repairing the hair. Fruit and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that are said to improve the thickness of stands by nourishing the follicles. In fact, changing the eating habits should be the very first step to take if you want to combat the problem of hair loss. Why is that? Simply put, shortages of vitamins, amino acids and minerals weaken the follicles which aren’t strong enough to hold the hair.

Do you fancy a yeast drink for hair?

Hair pills? Before starting to take them, have a go at an all-natural treatment that our great-grandmothers would use when they were younger. Yeast makes the perfect remedy for weak hair that falls out in an uncontrollable manner. Additionally, this brownish substance is able to speed up hair growth! Drinking yeast is an effective and proven way to make hair visibly stronger. That’s because yeast is a rich source of magnesium, potassium, folic acid, zinc, sulfur, iron, chromium and copper – pretty impressive, isn’t it? To prepare this hair-appearance-improving drink, mix a few grams of yeast with hot water or milk.

Replace your old hair care products with new ones

Did you know that in most cases the blame for excessive hair loss should be put on the cosmetics that are used daily? Why is that? Most regular hair care products available in drugstores are formulated with controversial substances like SLS, parabens and heavy silicones. Therefore, if you happen to use such products, try to replace them with micellar shampoos that are far gentler on the scalp than the products formulated with harsh cleansers. Within a month you should notice a huge difference in the way your hair looks.

Use scalp lotions and conditioners

Scalp lotions, or as some tend to call them scalp conditioners, are beauty products designed specially to improve and strengthen the follicles. These leave-in spray cosmetics deliver nutrients to the hair bulbs, often awakening the so-called sleeping follicles. In short, scalp lotions not only stimulate the follicles to grow stronger hair faster but also prevent the hair from falling out.

Shield the hair from external aggressors

High and low temperatures, UV and air-conditioning have a negative effect on the hair. If you’re a swimmer, then you should know that chlorinated water is no good for the hair either. If you want to enjoy a full-looking mane, you need to provide your hair with round-the-clock protection, and for that use a heat protectant. During colder seasons, moisturize the strands with floral water and carry out a hair oil treatment. The latter will shield your hair against the destructive factors of strong wind or scorching sun. Some oils like castor oil, argan oil or sweet almond oil are able to nourish the follicles, stopping the hair from falling out.

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