We Reveal Secret to Healthy Hair

If you want gorgeous hair, then there’s one thing you should do and it doesn’t entail spending a fortune!

What’s the secret to healthy hair?

Don’t we all want beautiful, healthy hair? While seeking remedies for dry and dull hair, many people think that expensive products labelled ‘miracle workers’ are enough. However, the secret is in the scalp which determines the health of hair. Remember that hair lengths are dead, and hair doesn’t regenerate the same way like the skin, for example.

When the hair is damaged from the sun, heated devices or chemical colouring, then the hair shaft is irreversibly destroyed so the only remedy is… cutting it off. Naturally, we can keep the hair moisturised to prevent dryness and seal the cuticle for smoothness, however, if we want really healthy and strong tresses then we need to enhance the follicles. The proper scalp care is essential for the ‘production’ of shiny and lovely hair.

Try our tips for healthy scalp.


Clear your scalp regularly to get rid of dirt, grease, dust and product buildup. Mix sugar with shampoo for a budget and gentle exfoliant to remove dead cells and styling cosmetics.


If, like many women, you like to use a dry shampoo, you should take a break from time to time for healthier scalp and hair. When the scalp is covered in dry shampoo and can’t breathe between washes then it can’t produce healthy hair. Your scalp deserves a break!


Apply your conditioner the right way. This might be surprising but hair products shouldn’t be used only on the lengths. The scalp – similarly to all body parts – needs hydration and nourishment, and we can ensure that by massaging a quality conditioner or mask into the scalp regularly. It’s most important in the frosty winter and red-hot summer. Choose products with natural ingredients which can be applied on the scalp. You’ll love the effects.


You can stimulate the scalp by combing the hair but that’s not the only form of massage we recommend. Once a week, massage the scalp using your fingers or a special massaging tool. By doing so, you increase the blood flow, which strengthens follicles and promotes faster growth of healthier hair.


Hair oil treatments are still the most popular remedies for healthier scalp and hair follicles. While applying a chosen oil, massage the scalp and then leave the oil in for at least 30 minutes. Wash it out and shampoo the hair. You can count on beautiful, healthy hair growing!

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