Modern Hair Colouring with Highlighting Foam Strips

Modern Hair Colouring with Highlighting Foam Strips
Choose innovation for your hair salon! Highlighting Foam Strips make multilayered colouring quick and efficient. Create the glamorous hairstyles of your clients’ dreams.

Was multi-step hair colouring your biggest nightmare? Were your clients bored and impatient in the chair? No more! With ColorCuts, the colouring procedure can be shorter by half with minimum risk of damage.

The unique polystyrene foam strips are the best hairdressing gadget for maximum comfort for your clients and your staff. Thermal strips are a great alternative to unsightly aluminium foil. They are made of 80% biodegradable material and one foam strip lasts for at least 3 uses.

The strips measure 10×30.5 cm and can be cut to fit the length of the hair. After use, simply wash and reuse them. This flexible material easily adapts to the hand, making it easy to bend and fold.

The gentle on the hair surface gets a grip after contact with colouring products, preventing the strips from slipping off the hair. The strips keeps the hair in the correct position throughout the colouring, delivering the ultimate comfort. Multi-step colouring doesn’t have to be so lengthy!

How do Highlighting Foam Strips work?

These lightweight, thermal strips provide maximum control over the colouring process and exceptional aesthetics during the treatment. No more feeling stuck in the chair. The foam strips make multi-step colouring fast and efficient.

The semi-transparent material allows easy touch-ups, and its properties minimise the risk of damage or overheating the hair. The polystyrene foam strips maintain the optimal temperature and enable air circulation between the layers. Once the hair dye has been applied, simply fold the strip in half and the halves will stick to each other.

The flexible and soft foam material allows you to create unique and multi-dimensional colouring. The foam strips come in different colours to help you avoid confusion during the colouring prodecure. This attractive gadget looks great on clients’ hair, unlike the unsightly aluminium foil.

highlighting foam strips

What makes ColorCuts foam strips special?

  • they are made from 80% recycled material,
  • they are reusable,
  • they are machine-washable,
  • they come in different colours, so you won’t make a mistake during the colouring procedure,
  • they make colouring quick and efficient,
  • they are suitable for all colouring techniques,
  • no time is wasted on tiresome trimming of the strips,
  • they come in a handy box,
  • give you full control over the colouring process,
  • the box contains 200 strips measuring 10×30.5 cm.

The spectacular polystyrene colouring foam strips are a revolution in the hairdressing world. These practical accessories can upgrade your salon and shorten colouring procedure time, allowing you to take on more clients per day. Provide your clients with a luxurious and aesthetic treatment. The lightweight strips can also be super helpful for your trainees, as they are easy to use and don’t damage the hair.

Choose Highlighting Foam Strips and make your hair salon more attractive! Learn more about the product:

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