What should you do to wake up with beautiful hair?

Firstly, don’t sleep with wet hair

If you planned to attend work or school with your hair loose then you need to dry your hair before bedtime. You can always tie hair in a plait or a bun if you necessarily want to go to bed with your hair wet to wake up with beautiful waves or curls in the morning. You can also sleep with wet hair if you plan on tie your hair in a ponytail the next day. However, if you dry hair or let them dry on their own, you won’t have to use any more stylisation. Unless you want to dedicate more time to morning preparations and curl or straighten your hair.

Secondly, smoother hair before bedtime

Before going to sleep apply smoothing serum on hair. Thanks to it strands will be smoother and more liable to stylisation. Combing out will be easier and will take less time. Equally helpful can be leave-in conditioners and cosmetic oils. They not only help with morning stylisation, but also nourish, moisture and condition hair.

Thirdly, use right hair brush or comb

Perfect for tangled hair are gadgets with soft bristle (hair brush) or rigid teeth (comb). How to comb hair out the right way? Start at combing hair ends then move towards head. To finish treatment comb hair once more from the top of the head down. By using right hair brushes or combs you can avoid tangled streaks and frizzing hair.

Fourthly, use hairgrip and other hair accessories

If your hair are difficult in stylisation use this simple trick. Sticking out streaks and wild strands pin with bobby pin, hairgrip or put on handband. Those gadgets are usually colourful, decorated with interesting patterns and jets. What’s more important, those gadgets are pretty and look great with each hair cut.

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