Which Argan Oil is the Best? Read Reviews of Best-Sellers

What makes argan oil the world’s most popular oil? The answer is obvious: this is the best oil out there. Its beauty benefits are priceless. This is a natural antioxidant with an anti-wrinkle effect, soothes, repairs and perfectly conditions any type of hair or skin. Are you wondering which argan oil to choose? Read our reviews and pick the best-working and top-quality argan oil.

How is argan oil produced?

Argan oil is all-natural. Morocco is its motherland where most Argan trees grow and are put on the UNESCO list. That is why Moroccan argan oil is the most beneficial. Oil is still manually extracted from argan nuts there. Around 30 kilos of nuts are necessary to produce a liter of oil. This is a reason why argan oil is so precious.

What is argan oil made up of?

EFAs (unsaturated essential fatty acids), mostly oleic acid (42,8%) and linoleic acid (36,8%) in balanced proportions; the acids maintain optimal hydration and protect the epidermis.

  • VITAMIN E – called the vitamin of youth; delays the aging process.
  • FLAVONOIDS – natural antioxidants, strengthen the protective lipid layer of skin.
  • PLANT STEROLS – protect and reinforce the epidermis, lock water in.
  • NATURAL SUNSCREEN – shields against harmful UV.
  • CAROTENES – have an anti-aging effect, delay wrinkles, minimize acne and hyperpigmentation.

Guide: how to choose good argan oil?

Are you searching for a suitable argan oil? Lots of beauty brands sell it but how to make the right choice? First and foremost, check the product’s quality and origin. Moroccan argan oil from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves is the most valuable. Your argan oil should be cold-pressed and unrefined to keep all precious ingredients. In a perfect scenario, it would also come with a certificate for organic products.

If you tried to compare all commercially-available argan oils by yourself, it would take you lots of time. Don’t worry, though. We rounded up 5 best-selling argan oils. See which one should be added to your beauty routine.

Ranking of TOP argan oils. Check the best one!


Nanoil - the best argan oil

The best-selling argan oil with the best reviews, big-sized bottle and top quality. Nanoil Argan Oil is unrefined, 100% organic and cold-pressed. This Moroccan oil has the Ecocert mark.

A dark glass bottle prevents oil from going rancid. The oil keeps fresh and holds all precious compounds and vitamins. It is cruelty-free and formulated without any synthetics. This vegan oil is ideal to nourish the face skin, deeply condition the hair during a hair oil treatment, and beautify the body. You can even use it on extremely dry hands or brittle, damaged nails after gel manicure. Nanoil Argan Oil helps get rid of acne, face wrinkles and dark spots, perfectly hydrates and is super-lightweight at the same time, so it doesn’t congest the skin. It is suitable for any skin, including sensitive or reactive complexion. Nanoil additionally strongly nourishes and repairs hair, giving it resilience and incredible shine. Nanoil Argan Oil gets the highest opinions thanks to wonderful results, efficiency and top quality.

Size: 50 ml

Nanoil Argan Oil is available here: www.nanoil.us


Moroccanoil Pure Argan Oil has high quality and… a high price. Moroccanoil is a lightweight, 100% pure argan oil with a nourishing and moisturizing effect. This luxury product works for face, body and hair. It nourishes and hydrates the skin, prevents dry hair ends, boosts shine and protects against damage.

Pure Argan Oil comes in a quite big bottle and gets good opinions. It can be also used to repair brittle, weak nails, soften dry cuticles and bring relief to very dry, coarse hands.

Size: 50 ml


Timeless Skin Care launched 100% pure argan oil produced through cold-pressing. It is rich in vitamin E, which matters hugely in skin-care routine, and unsaturated fatty acids that are essential because they prevent transepidermal water loss and strengthen the skin’s hydro-lipid layer.

Timeless Argan Oil protects the skin against harmful external factors such as smog, toxins, UV, freezing weather or dry air indoors. It prevents loss of water and delays wrinkles. It also perfectly cares for the hair and nails, and hydrates very dry body areas. Users like it for a big-sized bottle.

Size: 60 ml


The Ordinary is famous for some brilliant face-care products, good prices and quality. The Ordinary Argan Oil is unrefined and cold-pressed, 100% natural, Moroccan argan oil. It is high in fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) which strengthen the hydro-lipid mantle and prevent the epidermis from drying out. It’s suggested to use it on extremely dry and flaky skin, and a face that has lost plumpness and healthy shine. It works well for hair too: moisturizes and smoothes out dull, over-processed hair and protects ends. It’s advised to do a patch test before first use on the skin.

Size: 50 ml


John Masters Organics offers natural argan oil for face, body and hair. It is certified organic, and free from parabens and sulfates like other natural, high-quality oils. Similarly to other products from John Masters, the oil has a big size and… big price.

The product is quite lightweight and even a small amount nourishes the skin or hair. Use it for hair oil treatment to deeply condition the hair and cleanse the scalp. The oil strengthens the hair and prevents dryness or splitting.

It takes good care of dry, dull face skin, hydrates and works as a make-up primer. Argan oil is a great anti-aging treatment and hydrator for very dry skin on the hands, feet or nails. John Masters Argan Oil works as a massage oil and addition to body lotions or face creams.

Size: 50 ml

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