Brahmi for hair? You have three ways.

Brahmi is a small green plant very popular in India and called in Ayurveda “The Goddess of Supreme Wisdom”. This smart herb beside number of medicinal properties has also entirely different, more feminine side. For it is a brilliant product for hair care. It is common in form of oil, powder or green drought for lotions.

Brahmi consists of many vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it is full of fatty acids, which are most valuable to the health and beauty. This oil significantly improves condition of hair, provides them with moisture and prevents hair loss or grey hair. It strengthens, ensures elasticity and takes care of right level of nourishment. It will support weaken hair ends, and at the same time provide scalp and hair bulbs with great condition. If you have not yet made an acquaintances with this divine oil, you must necessarily try its properties on your hair. It can be done three different ways:

1 Hair oil treatment.

Brahmi can be acquired in drug store in a form ready for use. Moreover, it often is an ingredient of mix for hair oil treatment. Brahmi likes in particular herbs used in Ayurveda , like eclipta (Bringaraj) and emblica officinalis (Amla). Their combination is undefeated. No other hair care product can measure with them.

Oil or Indian mixture apply on hair and scalp and leave for 1-2 hours. It is worth to combine application of oil with scalp massage. Thanks to it you increase blood circulation and provide substances with better absorption.

2. Hair rinse – tea for hair.

Rinse should be performed on our own at home. To do that use few table spoons of drought herb and pour on it hot water, but not boiling hot, and brew it for several minutes under the cover. Created potion drain and cool down. Now, evenly cover hair with the lotion. You can also pour the product in to the sink and dip your hair in it to cover entire hair length and scalp with brahmi mix. Great solution will be placing the brahmi rinse in the bottle with atomiser and spray it all over hair and scalp. Hair need to be well wet with the herbal tea. Leave the rinse on hair for at least an hour.

3. Hair mask

Brahmi (both as oil and powder) can be mixed with other valuable ingredients and applied on hair in form of hair mask. This option is dedicated for all the ladies who like traditional hair care. Possibilities are limitless: you can add brahmi to your favourite hair mask, combine it with other Indian herbs, use egg yolk, honey, yoghurt or gel aloe or coconut milk. Great kind of base for low porosity hair will be shea butter, coconut oil or babassu oil.

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