Contouring vs. Strobing: Face contouring for beginners

Contouring and strobing are lately very popular methods of face contouring with cosmetics. Products used for this techniques have light and dark shades to make face gain three-dimentionality and for skin to become beautiful and well taken care of. You can choose out of wet and dry contouring, and you will need for it foundation, concealer and bronzer.

What is face contouring?

Face contouring relays on application of dark cosmetics in places you want to slim down and camouflage. Those are usually: cheeks (right under cheek bones), sides of nose, under jaw line, forehead and a tip of the nose. In face contouring equally important is application of cosmetics in light shades. Those products should be applied on parts of face you want to emphasise. Those places are: around the eyes area, centre of the forehead, the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and skin over cheek bones. Skilful use of cosmetics can utterly change face features and optically beautify it. Face contouring takes a lot of time and requires proficiency. Use of wrong cosmetics or application of them in incorrect places can result in so called, mask effect. What is more, contouring with this technique should be performed in a light it will be later on presented.

What is strobing?

Strobing is basically face highlight with use of specific cosmetics. You won’t need darker and lighter concealers or foundations. All you need is one product – highlighter. It should be applied on those parts of face where light focuses in the greatest concentration. Strobing highlights natural gloss of skin an helps cover fatigue. It is recommended for women in every age and for all skin types.

Strobing for beginners

On cleansed and moisturised face apply foundation and powder. Then apply highlighter on those parts of face: cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, browridge, forehead, Cupids’s bow, tip of the chin and inner corners of the eyes. Highlighting product can have various forms. Liquid cosmetic apply with brush, sponge or with hand. Pressed highlighters apply with soft bristle brush, and those in pencil administer directly on skin and blend them. Highlighting product should match skin complexion. Remember to apply blusher on the cheek bones. Your make-up is ready!

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