The most common mistakes in eye make-up

Eye make-up. It seems like a simple task. Nothing more wrong than that! Still many women does mistakes, which ruin the entire make-up. Let’s see what you should stay away from and how to correctly use eye shadows.

Lack of eye shadow base

Contrary to appearances, transparent powder applied on eyelids isn’t enough for shades to last longer. If you care about perfect eye make-up, apply special eye shadow base or any make-up base. This cosmetic will extend durability of applied products, which you later use. It will provide intense colour and make your make-up look stunning. Eye shadow base should be transparent or match skin complexion. Do not apply too thick layer, so that eyelids look as natural as it is possible. In eye make-up stay away from application of concealer on eyelids. It won’t replace eye shadow base; this product is helpful only when you want to cover imperfections.

First foundation, then eye shadow

If you first apply eye shadows than foundation, you commit major mistake. All make-up artists claim that first you have to perform face make-up, and only then proceed with eye make-up. Why? In some cases, foundation can replace eye shadow base and make for preservation of cosmetics. Application of eye shadow first can ruin an entire make-up effect. Besides, foundation can cover or smudge eye shadow or eyeliner.

Shade and application are equally important

Eye shadows should match skin complexion, colour of iris and hair. Such shades are the best at emphasis of beauty and bringing out the beauty of your look. You can of course use a bit contrasting or metallic eye shadows. However, do it moderately. It is not true that for professional eye make-up you need four shades. Sometimes you can us only one shade for the entire eye make-up. All you need to do is apply a bit more of it in the inner corners of eyes or apply wet eye shadows. Mistaken is also conviction that for smokey eye you need black eye shadow. You can easily use other colours. And how should you apply eye shadows? Many women think that the only accessory for eye make-up is brush. Nonetheless, you can achieve great effect also with application with fingertips – make-up will be more intense and lasting.

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