Derma Roller – Rolled-out wrinkles and smooth skin.

More and more often our makeup bags contain more items than just colourful cosmetics. Despite makeup stuff, we use Derma Rollers more willingly – the devices for home microneedle mesotherapy. Derma Roller rejuvenating treatments is one of the most effective techniques of removing wrinkles, acne marks, dark circles under eyes and discolourations. What should be known about Derma Roller microneedle mesotherapy treatment to overcome fear connected with the procedure?

What is microinjections treatment all about?

Derma Roller is a roller coated with thin needles, which are no longer than 0,25 mm, for treatments conducted at home. Thanks to the device, stratum corneum (also known as ‘horny layer’ of skin) is punctured. In this way, dense net of microchannels is created which provide access for other care cosmetics to reach deep into all skin layers. The microchannels are closed again within more or less an hour.

Despite enhancement of active substances absorption, Derma Roller has also other features. External layers of epidermis dysfunctions bring out harmless inflammation, which stimulates skin to release and activate fibroblasts. This in turn results in production of high quality collagen.

What are the effects produced by Derma Roller?

Regular application of microneedle mesotherapy treatment at home (approximately every two weeks) with Derma Roller might produce highly satisfying results. Usually, just a few months of use (obviously, some women notice the effects faster than the others) makes:

  • marks (i.e. acne) even and shallow,
  • preparations for conspicuous pores work better,
  • stretch marks smaller and highlighted,
  • discolourations (even dark spots) disappear,
  • skin highlighted and more tauten,
  • wrinkles smoothed (in some cases wrinkles are removed completely).

What has to be borne in mind while using Derma Roller for face?

Using Derma Roller is not difficult, yet it is worth acquiring basic knowledge just to avoid accidental self-harm. To illustrate, too frequent application of the treatment might result in skin damage. What is more, each session should be preceded with coating face with a serum, an oil or a cream. What can be used for Derma Roller treatment? Surely, all preparations that lack colourants and damaging substances. What is more, such products should be of light formula and contain such ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, C vitamin, Q10 coenzyme, algae extracts, panthenol and E vitamin, to name just a few.

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