Boost of energy thanks to La Prairie, Cellular Power Infusion.

Fatigued, dull and dehydrated skin? Are you also dogged by this problem? Do not bother about this anymore because La Prairie has come up with an effective way of dealing with such skin imperfections. This magic solution is Cellular Power Infusion.

Cellular Power Infusion Serum (Energy Surge for Skin Cells) by La Prairie is closed in an elegant, white, zipped box. Inside, there are four bottles of 7,8 ml each. Each phial goes with a pipette, which aids application. And what is the proper manner of the serum use? A bottle has to be turned right while holding its silver base and shaken well. Next, the cap with the pipette has to be unscrewed to dose up the product on a palm of the hand. If opened, the cosmetic has to be used up within 10 days. The complete course of the treatment lasts a little bit more than a month. It was designed to go hand in hand with natural cycle of skin regeneration period. Application has to be conducted morning and evening.

Cellular Power Infusion by La Prairie is created for mature skin care, the one with first signs of ageing, fatigued and without radiance. The cosmetic may be also used as intensive rejuvenating treatment. The serum has three tasks to accomplish: it makes skin energetic, restores life processes of epidermis cells, and regenerates bonds between skin cells. Moreover, it cleanses, revitalizes, highlights and moisture skin. Thanks to regular treatment, wrinkles become smoothed, discolourations highlighted and visibility of skin imperfections is reduced.

Collection of Cellular Power Infusion by La Prairie is comprised also of a serum sold in a 50 ml bottle and a night cream (the capacity of the package equals 40 ml). The first cosmetic is designed for daily skin care. The aim of the second cosmetic is to maintain right level of water in skin cells, protect form solar radiation and  regenerate damaged epidermis. When it comes to the second product, the one that takes care of skin at night, it is supposed to oxygenate and firm skin as well as smooth wrinkles.

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