Beauty Blender – Irreplaceable Make-up Gadget

Sponge, egg shaped sponge, gadget for blending. Girls who use it everyday call that way Beauty Blender. According to them it is irreplaceable for make-up. See for yourself how can you use Beauty Blender and why you should always have it with you.

Beauty Blender trend has created recently, but despite of it this egg shaped sponge gained quite large number of followers. Why? There are lots of reasons, but we can enumerate few of them, which are the most important to convince you how exceptional this gadget is. What are we taking about? Well, Beauty Blender is used by the most experienced and well known make-up artists in USA, UK and many different parts of the World. All of them agree that thanks to this sponge you can create professional make-up with no effort. Such look is perfect for job at film set or photo shoot. What are other possibilities provided by Beauty Blender?

When we choose accessories for make-up, first thing we pay attention to is the material of which they are made. Beauty Blender doesn’t contain latex, is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. That is why it can be used by people with sensitive skin. What is more, sponge is really resistant to damages and deformations. In combination with proper care and use it can last up to six months. How can you take care of Beauty Blender? Manufacturer recommends cleanse of gadget with a special liquid, but equally good will be bi-phased make-up removal, water with soap or small amount of spirit. After some time, Beauty Blender discolours, which is absolutely normal.

How can you perform make-up with use of Beauty Blender? You have to remember that sponge can be used not only for application of make-up. It will help greatly during face contouring or application of cream or foundation base. It reaches areas of face, which may seem hard to reach at first, like naso-labial furrow, outer and inner eye corners or ear lobe. Cosmetics applied with use of it can help in providing natural and perfect look. Once for all, you can get rid of mask effect, smudges, dark spots and uneven colour. Beauty Blender will perfectly replace finger pads and brushes.

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