Does woman have to shave her face? She should… for perfect make-up

Not so long ago, we heard that face contouring is already passé. You may think that it will make everyday make-up much easier. However, we could not even make the best of this apparent peace in make-up trends, because there already appeared trend on… face shaving. Although, you should not blindly follow all trends, removal of excess hair for perfect make-up becomes more popular everyday!

Every woman knows that performance of full make-up can be difficult because of few matters. Wrong cosmetics, wrong method of application and peach fuzz on your face. The last element can be an obstacle particularly in foundation application. Make-up products can anaesthetically gather in some areas and smudge because of mentioned peach fuzz.

The greater peach fuzz the bigger problem!

About the necessity of getting rid of peach fuzz have known already stars like Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. For decades now, it has been traditional treatment popularised by Asians. Today, this trend enters also European houses thanks to bloggers. The subject of face shaving by women was first mentioned by blogger Hudy Kattan. Her briefing about face shaving step by step has already million views.

Hair removal for women is not an abstraction!

In the posted video, blogger shows traditional face shaving foam and razor only to explain in a moment that this is a method for men. Women should use some more delicate accessories for shave of peach fuzz. Right razors for dry shave can be bought in, e.g. Asian auction sites. Dry removal of delicate hair from woman’s face is a key matter, because it is not followed by risk of hair growing back darker and thicker.

There are few benefits from shaving according to Hudy Katten!

The most important is that smooth face with no peach fuzz co-operates better with foundation. Make-up is flawless and has perfect finish. Blogger underlines also that hair removal with razor with special blades is a great exfoliation technique of dead skin cells. On shaved face, cosmetics are better preserved and their active substances absorb faster and provide better results.

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