Do not do that in make-up! Most common mistakes made in make-up

Each one of us wants to look beautiful. We use creams, visit beauticians, follow all fashion novelties. We try to put on the best make-up. Sadly, it not always goes the way we want it to. See what mistakes should you avoid, so your make-up will be perfect.

Mistake number one: matte skin

Indeed, use of mattifying cosmetics is a necessity for some people. Especially those with oily or combination skin. Mattifying powder can cover oily skin, however excess of this product can have reverse effects. Face can become flat and look older. Besides, matte is absolute contradiction of latest make up novelty among make-up artists, i.e. strobing. It is make-up in which you highlight face with use of shimmering pigments. Thanks to it, face gains pretty look and becomes radiant and fresh.

Mistake number two: lack of blusher and bronzer

Blusher and bronzer are two cosmetics providing make-up finish. They ensure face with light and fresh look. They highlight face assets and natural blush, are used in contouring, extent durability of tan and cover skin changes. What is more, blusher and bronzer make our face become more beautiful and younger, and the make-up is more expressive and more sensual.

Mistake number three: not emphasised lashes

Did you know that application of mascara is enough to look beautiful? If you do not care about how your eyes look, it’s time to change it. You should equip yourself with eyelash curler and mascara. Use them everyday and your face will look entirely different. Curled and black lashes will give you feminine charm. Remember to first curl your lashes and then apply mascara.

Mistake number four: incorrect shades of cosmetics

Too dark foundation, shimmering eye shadows, bright lipstick? Those are the most common mistakes made by women. Effect? Your skin looks neglected, and you look older then you really are. You should adjust shades of cosmetics, so that make-up was perfect, but at the same time invisible and natural. Remember that shade of foundation has to be a tone or two lighter than skin complexion, eye shadows shouldn’t contain shimmering pigments and lipstick’s colour should match colour of lips.

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