Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap – biodegradable, vegan and totally eco-friendly

Over 150 years of tradition and experience in soap industry? Yes, it is possible! These magic liquid soaps of Dr. Bronner’s are an ideal care cosmetics for vegans, eco-lovers and all the people living in harmony with nature. The fact, that the soaps are eco-friendly (composed of natural oils) is proven by many certificates issued by a few important and international eco-organisations. Why are Dr. Bronner’s soaps so popular?


The recipe of Dr. Bronner’s soaps was developed in the United States of America by a German immigrant of Jewish origins – Emmanuel Bronner. These well-known soaps have been produced for almost 70 years, because its beginnings reaches 50’s of 20th century. Regarded as a lunatic, Bronner passed on his brotherhood-promoting message on the labels of his products. With this in mind, we have no doubts that this time-honoured soap-making tradition is closed into unique products.


Popular Magic Soaps by Dr. Bronner’s are made of 100%-ecological formula that is based on natural ingredients. The care products of this brand are not tested on animals, which can be proved by Fair Trade certificate. Liquid soaps by Dr. Bronner’s are closed in a 100% biodegradable package.


Another certificate awarded to Dr Bronner’s soaps is USDA Organic document. It means that the cosmetics had to comply to series of strict requirements, which are posed to all organic cosmetic producers. Actually, Dr. Bronner’s soaps compositions are based on natural plant extracts, grown in a strictly controlled organic farming. The core ingredient of the soaps is Castilian soap. The composition of Dr. Bronner’s products includes also coconut oils, hemp oils, olive oils, jojoba oils as well as natural essential oils.


Soaps of Dr. Bronner’s are not only eco-friendly but also effective. Magic Soap is a cosmetic which creates a delicate foam (without ‘help’ of any foam-creating artificial substances) that does not irritate yet works nourishing. As a consequence, skin treated with Magic Soap by Dr. Bronner’s is smooth, fresh and silky smooth.

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