Say ‘good bye’ to fine lines and dark circles under eyes! Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away™ collagen eye serum.

Dark circles under eyes and fine lines are nightmares of women. These skin imperfections develop fairly early, because just after turning 30. Once wrinkles are visible, it means that our skin becomes more dehydrated and prone to action of negative external factors. Obviously, they are not the only two reasons why wrinkles and dark circles under eyes develop. The other factors are, for instance, improper skin care or completely lack of it, as well as exposing face to products of too aggressive action. Stressful situations, unbalanced diet, working in front of the computer and lack of sleep also make skin’s condition worse. Unfortunately, supplying an organism with vitamins and minerals (with food products or diet supplements) does not always generate positive outcomes. The truth is, skin has to be taken care of from outside too. Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away™ collagen eye serum will help us with that difficult task.

Collagen eye serum by Dr. Brandt is equipped with a metal ball that is perfect for giving massage and cooling down fatigued skin under eyes. As a consequence, skin cells rebuilding process is improved and blood vessels constrict which accelerates blood stream. What is more, the product moistures skin around eyes area, lightens up bruises, reduces dark circles and smooths wrinkles. Additionally, Dark Circles Away™ makes skin firm again, restores proper tension of collagen fibres as it improves collagen production.

How to use Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away™ collagen eye serum the proper way? First and foremost, it is crucial to remove makeup, cleanse and tone skin. Next, the serum has to be distributed under eyes and then gently patted using fingertips. It is suggested applying the product morning and evening. Once the procedure is over, the cooling down ball has to be precisely cleansed so as to prevent all bacteria and mould from multiplying on its surface. It is also advised by the producer to keep the product away from kids. If the product gets into eyeballs, they have to be rinsed with running water. In case of irritations, it is advised to consult a general practitioner.

Dr. Brandt Dark Circles Away™ collagen eye serum contains plenty of vital ingredients. To demonstrate, these are hyaluronic acid and herbal extracts. Despite these two substances, the product contains glycerine, soy seed extract, white lily blossom extract and sunflower seed extract.

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