Rouge Infusion Lip Stain from Sephora – What are its benefits and how to use it?

There are many cosmetics on the market and each one of them has different properties and application. Lip ink is a cosmetic novelty, which combines elements of lip gloss and liquid lipstick. Through buildable coverage gives possibility to match every lip make-up according to needs. Lip ink trend was started by Sephora with its new cosmetic line – Rouge Infusion.

What are the benefits of lip ink?

Rouge Infusion’s qualities are: liquid consistency, which isn’t weighting lips down, long lasting effect and innovative formula ensuring great coverage without sticky residue. By launching lip ink line, Sephora met greatest problems of all women, who dislike lip make-up, by providing them with:

  • texture and applicator for easier coverage,
  • no smudge formula, with no sticky residue,
  • perfect coverage,
  • easier make-up removal,
  • non-irritable and non-sensitise ingredients,
  • lasting colour up to 10h.

Possibility of application of thin layer of the product allows matching shade (from lighter to darker) with the occasion, make-up elements and the time of the day. Sephore offers fourteen shades of Rouge Infusion lip ink.

How to use Rouge Infusion by Sephora?

Both durability and intensity of lip ink increases with every next layer. This innovative solution is a bow towards not only professional make-up artists, but also regular users of lip products. Depending on the desirable effect you can apply one layer or few of them. Single layer of lip ink provides us with subtle effect of light colour, however, application of couple of layers in few seconds gaps intensifies depth of the colour. Thanks to oxidation of pigmented formula, lip ink dries in an instant and gives long lasting effect.

For whom is recommended lip ink?

Sephora lip inks are for everyone, from professional make-up artist to amateur make-up lovers. Rouge Infusion will definitely please women who expect long lasting effect (without the necessity of fixing lip make-up at work or at the party), pleasurable usage (thanks to easy application and lack of sticky residue) and who want product matching their needs.

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