Ultimate All-in-One – one mascara to solve all your problems

At the beginning of this month Revlon introduced their new mascara – Ultimate All-in-One. What is so special about that mascara that makes it better than all the rest? What is the big surprise about new Revlon product? Is it worth it to switch your mascara for Ultimate All-in-One?

1. Made according to the needs

Is it possible to buy an universal mascara, which will thicken and curl eyelashes? It might be problematic if you haven’t heard of Ultimate All-in-One mascara from Revlon. This brand is about to solve the biggest problems of all women in eyelashes make-up. You don’t have to put on another layers of mascara to achieve desirable effect because you can have properties of all of them in just one perfect mascara. That is a great bow towards needs of all women, who haven’t found their ideal mascara just yet. Revlon gives us a solution.

2. Universal

Ultimate All-in-One mascara is an universal solution that combines assets of many mascaras available on our market. Innovative formula from Revlon is effective and works on five different levels:

  • maximum length,
  • great volume,
  • definition,
  • intense colour,
  • lift.

As we can gather from the name itself, formula of Revlon’s mascara is made in such way so it could respond to all of our needs. What is interesting, Revlon launched an entire series of mascaras. Other than Ultimate All-in-one we can acquire a product that works only on one of the problems – Ultra Volume, Super Length, Volume + Length Magnified, but also fake eyelashes effect in Dramatic Definition.

3. Innovative

Revlon Ultimate All-in-one is an innovative and complex solution to all the problems with thin eyelashes. Revlon used miniature brush Power Mini Brush with an unique mini oval shape for easier application, to reach every lash and to deposit formula for mega lash impact.

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