Can every woman have stunning lips?

We are sorry to say that. Not every woman can boast sexy, full lips. Moreover, thin lips make many women feel inferior. They think that they can put only delicate, subtle colors on their lips. If you are one of them, you are wrong! You can use bright colors as well. You can use anything regardless of the shape or size of your lips!

Without the proper care, your lips will never look great. You must keep them healthy to make lip make-up give the desired effect. Do your best to prevent extreme dryness, never bite or pick the lips. Instead, form good habits! Lip care is really simple – scrubs and hydrating products are more than enough.

Home remedies to get the most stunning lips ever

You can get a readymade scrub but what’s the point if there are so many easy recipes to try? The quickest recipe: blend white or brown sugar with a small amount of argan oil (or other pure oil) in a 2:1 ratio to get wet-sand-like scrub. Massage the lips for a moment, remove the excess and use a protective balm. Apply it generously for brand-new lips!

  • Vitamins A and E aid the repair and secure against future damage.
  • Cream softens the lips and perfectly hydrates them because it’s high in fat. Natural products work best.
  • Aloe vera has a beneficial effect too. It keeps the skin from losing water. Use it as often as necessary.
  • Honey works wonders because it’s rich in amino acids, enzymes and powerful vitamins that hydrate the skin, plus it has an antibacterial effect. Honey makes the lips plump and moisturized.

How to get the perfect lip shape and color?


There are endless numbers of lipsticks. Matte lipsticks give the best coverage and are best for changing the shape of lips. We can even use them to outline the lips outside the natural line for the extra fullness. The great thing is matte lipsticks don’t stick to hair and they last for longer. They slightly dry out the skin so don’t pick them if your lips tend to be dry.

Satin lipsticks give a natural, wet-lips effect. This is the most popular group. Satin lipstick won’t last long like matte but it’s surely way easier to use.

Pearl lipstick features shimmering particles so it’s the most glossy. Note: you can easily over-apply it for the exaggerated look.

Lip gloss

This product is usually more runny. You can get it clear or colored. Feel free to pair it with other products e.g. matte lipstick for a nice shine.


Choose one that is soft and long-wear. Ideally, test it on the hand before buying. It doesn’t have to be the same color as your lipstick. Try a trick: use a lipliner alone, smoothing it all over the lips for the long-lasting matte effect.

Let’s color!

Too often we are scared of wearing bright colors. If you are tired of clear lip gloss, just give it up. A natural-looking nude lipstick makes a good go-to pick. Don’t choose too cold or too light colors. Never use lighter colors than your natural lip color to avoid the unnatural effect. If you like, use a slightly darker lip liner to enhance the lips.

Ideally, choose warm, neutral lipsticks. Never forget about the lips, even if you wear bold eye makeup. Apply a protective balm at least.

Bold colors

No matter your beauty type, you can find the best shade of your lipstick. You will surely manage because there are millions of products to choose from.

How to match the best color?

The guides are useless because we are all different and we like changes. Getting the color that makes you feel great is the secret. Only your skin tone might be limiting but you shouldn’t worry about that – think about the great cosmetic offer! Follow your intuition. Your make-up should appeal to no one but you!

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