You SHOULDN’T Do This to Your Skin! Common Skincare Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Most of us are convinced that their knowledge about skincare is so considerable and deep that there is no need to broad it any further. Isn’t it ironic that, somehow, there are always one or two spots that blemish the complexion? Even though women know how to treat their skin and tend to use the right treatments, they also make a few basic mistakes that make their complexion a bit less ideal.

If you’re curious whether you make some of these mistakes unconsciously, carry on reading the article. In a moment, you will find out whether you’re not over-egging the pudding.

Face & neck care

These are two body areas covered with the thinnest skin. This means that face and neck are the quickest to show the signs of passing time. Instead of cleaning these two parts with too many products, it’s far better to choose just one—for example a gentle facial milk—and always follow it with a moisturizer. This cosmetic is irreplaceable, and therefore it must be used once or twice a day if you care for plump and radiant complexion.

Cosmetics that don’t match your skin type

Too harsh cleansers, too oily formulas, not-so-nutritious cosmetics, and—on top of that—total lack of sun filters are some of the most common skincare mistakes. It can’t be stressed out enough how crucial it is to use only the beauty products that satisfy the needs of your skin. Therefore, be sure what type your skin is, and choose the products accordingly.

Making oily skin dry

The sad truth is that most products dedicated to oily skin contain alcohol. On one hand, this substance is perfect for removing the excess sebum from your skin. However, alcohol leaves skin dry, which encourages oil glands to secrete more sebum than it would normally do. Result? Shiny T-zone. That’s why it’s advised to always reach for the right products, containing zero alcohol.

Skipping facial peels and masks

There is no skin type that wouldn’t use some help with exfoliating the old, dead skin cells. That’s why applying a facial peeling once a week gives such wonderful effects, making skin look brighter, even-toned and prettier. Naturally, there is a wide group of face scrubs to choose form, that’s why make sure you apply the right product—e.g. enzymatic peels for hyper-sensitive and dry skin.

Tap water is bad for your skin

Washing skin—especially when dry or sensitive—with tap water is a terrible idea. It leads to dehydration, making the problem of oily skin even more serious. Instead of using tap water, better reach for thermal or floral water. The latter is rich in vitamins and nutrients, which will bring you even more benefits. Wiping the skin with a facial toner every day is also highly recommended.

Skin prickles and feels tight

Hyper-reactive and sensitive skin doesn’t tolerate most commonly used cosmetic ingredients. That’s why those of you with reactive skin should reach for super gentle products, often available at a pharmacy, rather than in a regular drugstores selling beauty products. Applying harsh facial peels and cosmetics with high retinol content should be avoided.

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