Diorskin Forever – Make-up Forever

Dior has something special for women: a line of cosmetics to create the perfect make-up. Diorskin Forever is a make-up base, foundation and powder; all locked in elegant and practical packagings. The joy they bring is unmeasurable, and can’t be denied to anybody.

Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear make-up base equalises skin colouration, flattens wrinkles and camouflages pores. It has SPF 20, which prevents discolourations and dry skin. Shade of the cosmetic is universal, so it will adjust to every skin. During application remember to distribute the product as precisely as it’s possible in the eyes, lips and nose area. One layer of the make-up base prepares skin for application of the rest Dior cosmetics.

Diorskin Forever foundation is oil free, so it’s perfect for oily and combination skin. Semi-fluid formula allows quick and problem free application without mask effect. Diorskin Forever is camouflaging all the imperfections of the skin, like pigment spots, dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles and blackheads. The foundation contains sun filter SPF 35, which along with the make-up base perfectly protects the skin. What is interesting, we can choose out of 16 shades of beige and brown. Product is applied with a special Backstage Blender sponge, that has bias shape to fit our face shape. The round end of the sponge allows cover in areas that are hard to reach, like nose or lips.

Diorskin Forever & Ever Control powder is a perfect make-up finish. It preserves applied earlier cosmetics, mattes and makes skin look healthy and fresh. This product is applied with small brush. Small amount is enough to highlight all the assets of the beauty and the entire make-up. If during the day skin will start to have unwanted shine because of excess sebum you have to impress this areas with matt tissue and powder it.

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