Antioxidants – Source of Youth and Health

Pollution, sun radiation, chemical substances and many, many more. Those are threats that lie in wait for our skin. However, every woman wants to look young and beautiful. What should we do? Befriend antioxidants.

Unfortunately, skin of each of us is subjected to harmful influence of external factors. The most dangerous of them are free radicals. Those are particles merging with proteins, lipids and acids. They have ability to destroy cells, collagen and elastin. They can even modify DNA structure and limit production of substances with beneficial influence on our organism. As a result skin and internal organs start to age.

How free radicals are being created? It happens as an effect of UV and X-ray radiation or under influence of environmental pollution. Alcohol abuse and cigarettes can subject organism even more to damages caused by free radicals as well as stress or fatigue. Negative properties of free radicals usually focus on skin, so it loses its firmness and thickness. Intercellular connections become loose, protective barrier of skin degenerates and the work of sebaceous glands decreases. Under influence of sun radiation collagen fibres in skin are being damaged, there appear inflammations and sun damaged skin. Consequences? Skin dryness, acne, sensitive skin and wrinkles.

Fortunately, free radicals can be effectively eradicated. You just need to limit sunbaths, always use sun filter creams and quite stimulants. You can also try antioxidants. Those substance are present both in cosmetics and in fruits and vegetables. The deficit of them results with gathering of free radicals in the organism and skin damage. If you truly care about healthy and beautiful appearance, buy cosmetics rich in: vitamins E and C, coenzyme Q10, ferulic acid, soy extract, green tea extract and ginkgo extract.

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