Cakey effect on the face. How to avoid it during make-up?

Cakey effect sounds like a bloated stomach after eating too many pastries. However, it may appear also on our face! Let’s find out what is the cakey effect in make-up and how to deal with it?

There are days when non of our cosmetics want to co-operate with the face. Foundation is distributing unevenly, leaving smudges and lumps? Powder leaves flat matt on the face? Too heavy product weights on the skin? This is a cakey effect – ugly, enhancing imperfections and tacky. How to avoid it?

1. Don’t forget about regular face scrub

Regular face scrub will make the skin smoother and the foundation will be distributing much better. Removing dead skin cells is a first step to smoother skin, for cosmetics not to settle and stop them from enhancing imperfections.

2. Moisturise

Perfectly smooth skin is not a merit of just a good foundation. Skin needs to be properly prepared for the cosmetics. Scrub is a one thing, but moisturising is the next step in the skin care. You should use moisturising face creams and support them (once in a while) with moisturising face masks. It should resolve the issue of uneven skin tone.

3. Let’s just try make-up base

Very often we are forgetting about how important it is to prepare skin for the make-up. If you apply eyeshadow base to make them last longer, then why wouldn’t you use make-up base? This product will make the administration of the foundation much easier and will equalise the skin with the effect of the smooth skin.

4. Choose right foundation

Despite that cakey effect mostly appears because of wrong skin care, it may also be caused by a bad foundation. You should use highlighting foundations, because mattifying foundations enhance dry skin. Perfect cover will ensure foundation with light formula, a bit liquid and not too heavy.

5. Learn cosmetics’ application

An accomplice to the cakey effect is an incorrect application. Powder should be distributed with the soft brush and foundation with a sponge. You should flick the excess amount of the cosmetic, because too much of the product will make you look fake. It is recommended to apply both cosmetics by patting them in.

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