Micro and macro ingredients in cosmetics – properties and use

Sometimes cosmetics contain substances you have never heard of. Those substances have very odd and long names and their properties are a mystery. You don’t have to worry. Those are simply micro and macro elements; ingredients necessary for our skin and organism. Let’s see what are their properties and what is their use.

Micro and macro elements are exogenous substances. It means that organism cannot produce it on its own and has to take it from the environment. Unfortunately, it is not easy to complement deficiency of those ingredients. That is why, you take dietary supplements, which deliver micro and macro elements along with other compounds. Cosmetologists keep on study and improve permeability of those substances through the skin. Absorption depends on level of purity of given ingredient and its size.

Absorption of mineral substances obtained from plants or manufactured chemically depends on several factors. The most important is size of the substance, which will be absorbed. Those substances have superficial properties or are being absorbed in deeper layers of skin. Absorption should proceed in a way that won’t cause irritations. That is why, in laboratories are being developed safe and quick methods of delivery of active ingredients in a form of multi-layered micelles. They start working only when they reach deepest skin layers.

When you choose cosmetic with micro and macro elements, you should pay attention to composition and concentration of active ingredients. Before purchase, it is good to ask for opinion of cosmetologist or dermatologist. Choose conditioning products which meet needs of your skin; often, cream with desirable by you ingredient causes irritations or allergies – if any of those appear you should think about change of washing or conditioning cosmetic. The most popular cosmetics contain nanoparticles of gold, silver, copper or platinum. They are recommended for all skin types and will certainly help with all imperfections.

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