Color correcting – How to cover tattoo?

Design out of fashion, initials of person you would much rather forget about or just failed portrait? If you’re bored of your tattoo or it’s related to someone you don’t like, then you can cover it up in a simple way. You just need to try this simple make-up artists’ trick, i.e. color correcting. What is this trick?

Color correcting is nothing else but another method of body contouring. Just like in face contouring or strobing, you use here concealers. As it turns out, those cosmetics are dedicated not only to camouflage of discolourations, dark circles around the eyes or other imperfections. They are found useful also in tattoo cover. There are plenty of briefing videos on the Internet about camouflage of colourful and black tattoos. What kind of concealers and accessories should you use to correctly perform color correcting?

In color correcting, shade of concealer has significant meaning. The best is concealer with orange shade. Why should you choose this shade in particular? The answer is simple. Make-up artists use this product for cover of dark circles around the eyes, bruising and other imperfections with blue or violet shade. However, color correcting is a bit different than face or body contouring. If you want to cover tattoo, then you have to apply few layers of concealer and powder on the skin. Of course, first you need to use make-up base. It will make rest of cosmetics last longer on the skin.

How can you cover tattoo with help of color correcting? When make-up base absorbs, you can apply first layer of concealer in orange shade. Apply it with flat foundation brush. If it differs from the shade of skin complexion, use transparent powder; apply it with soft sponge. Then apply another layer or powder and foundation. For the finish use some more powder. Tattoo will become invisible.

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