Cuticles around the nails – how to take care of them and what to use to remove them?

Cuticles around the nails can ruin even the best hybrid manicure. Cuticles tend to grow over the nail plate and create dehydrated poorly looking thickness around the nail. What is more – when cuticles are very dry – they tend to catch pieces of clothing and tights. When cuticles are damaged they can bleed and cause pain that makes every chore unpleasant. How to take care of cuticles so that they look perfect? Luckily, there are a few simple and effective methods for overly grown skin to never mess with your manicure! Meet them all!


Argan oil is the kin of all cosmetic oils! It is not only perfect for the body, face, and hair, but also for the dry and damaged skin around your nails. It is a lightweight oil that the skin absorbs perfectly, it has strong nourishing and softening action. That is why argan oil is the perfect cuticle conditioner to soften them and prevent them from overgrowth. This oil is also great for brittle and weak nails.


Nails bath in natural and nourishing ingredients is one of the best methods for fast regeneration that is known for decades. Lemon and honey mixed with warm water and a bit of heated olive oil will strengthen parched cuticles so you should do this treatment at least once in 2-3 days and you will quickly see the difference both in your nails and cuticles at the same time. The effect is worth 15 minutes of soaking the hands in a nourishing bath. The effect will be visible after the first treatment. Just a spoon of honey, a spoon of lemon juice, and 2-3 spoons of olive oil mixed with warm water are all you need.


Good cuticle cream is a treasure! The best ones will take care of nails so you should choose well. How should cuticle cream work? Most of all, it should prevent them from growing over the nail. You should use it daily and you’ll see that even very prominent cuticles will be less visible and day by day will blend in with the skin and stop growing over the nail. What is more, good cuticle cream will take care of the nail plate making nails less brittle and preventing their splitting. Thanks to systematic use you will never have to cut the cuticles and that will have a beneficial effect because the more you cut out your cuticles the faster those grow back! Cuticle cream is best to apply in the evening, right before going to bed. Then you will be certain that you will not need to wash your hands so the cream will not be removed nor wiped out with a towel.


Softening gel for cuticles is a great idea if your cuticles haven’t grown too much and do not cover the nail. This type of gel is applied around the nail, particularly on the cuticles, and wait around 10 minutes. The gel will soften even the hardest cuticles! You make cuticles easy to push back and remove with a special stick for a manicure (do it gently and best use wooden not plastic stick to avoid causing damage to the matrix). Cuticle gel can dissolve even the smallest cuticles and leave your nails and the skin around it in perfect condition.

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