Tonic or Cream? Which should you apply first?

When we put on our make-up or perform face cleanse, extremely important is order in which we apply cosmetics. A lot depends on which product we will apply as first. General rule is that the lighter cosmetic the closer to skin it should be. And what is the right order of application of washing and cleansing products?

It is quite obvious that at the beginning of morning and evening skin routine, you should use cleansing cosmetics. Washing product can be gel, foam or oil. If you want them to influence your skin properly then you have to use it correctly. All you need is just few drops of those cosmetics combined with water to wash your face. Created this way foam apply on skin and thoroughly massage face. All impurities, like sebum, blackheads and dead skin cells are being removed. Excess foam rinse with cold water or wipe your face with cotton pads.

Next step is application of tonic. Its basic task is to restore natural pH of the skin, cleanse and refresh it. Remember that use of tonic is very important element of everyday skin care. That is because this cosmetic prevents skin irritations. What is more, tonic dissolves make-up residues, which washing cosmetics weren’t able to remove. How should you use tonic? Small amount of cosmetic apply on cotton pad and thoroughly wipe face with it.

Mist is a preparation, which can be applied instead of tonic, but right after face wash and before cream and make-up. Mists have very light formula, absorb fast and prepare skin for cosmetics, which come next. Thanks to mist, face is refreshed, calmed and toned. And did you know that in shops you can find mists, which preserve make-up or refresh skin thanks to the thermal water and fruit and flower extracts. All you need to do is spray face with this cosmetic and allow it to be absorbed by skin.

Another step is application of cream or serum. Cosmetics should match skin type – have to fulfil all our expectations and needs of our skin. Cream is lighter, but serum consists of much more nourishing ingredients. Which of them you’ll choose depends on you. Remember to apply it correctly: cosmetic should be taped in with finger tips onto clean and dry skin. Finally, you can apply eye cream,which will lighten dark circles around eyes, moisturise and smoother skin and eliminate puffiness.

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