Pimples – look closely at your face and find out where they coming from.

Plenty of people deal with pimples, which not only are awkward and hard to get rid of by may also contribute to degeneration of our skin. There are many ways to fight with pimples, but whether they will work or not is dependable on right diagnosis of the problem. How to find out what is the cause of our problem? You just need to look at… your face!

Even though there is number of reasons for pimples to appear, like improper diet, life-style, stress or external factors (i.e. pollution or climate), we still need to remember that each reason is responsible for different locations of acne. Our face is like a map, where we can find all the informations we need on the subject. What is the cause of problem and what should we do about it?

Area number 1 – forehead and hairline

Acne in forehead area and just under the hairline is a problem of people physically active. It is said, that any activity is healthy, but if you are not taking good care of your hygiene, then this problem might be yours as well. Wiping the sweat from your forehead with a towel during training, using anti-sweat bands on your head or a cup might be a cause of forehead acne. And all of that because when we do those thing, we distribute germs on our sweated skin through rubbing and touching. You should limit rubbing when your face is sweated, and to avoid irritations you should scrupulously wash its upper areas and use scrubs.

Area number 2 – chin and jaw

Pimples on a chin and around jaw is probably the most common placement of the problem, and it’s because the reason for it to arise is… stress and improper diet. Exhausting work, lack of time, living in a constant rush and bad food with high levels of sugar and carbohydrate are the source of the problem in this case. Red and itchy pimples in this area of the face can be eliminated by slowing down a bit, for the stress level to drop and by mandating yourself some healthy diet filled with wholegrain products.

Area number 3 – T-zone

Mystery T-zone on our faces is basically nose, middle part of forehead and middle of the chin. In this area pimples appear mainly because of external conditions – pollution, climate. T-zone acne is an effect of a chemical reaction of sebum secretion and toxins in the air. You might find pretty helpful washing your face with deeply cleansing cosmetics and facial brushes (also electronic).

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