What make-up should you choose for summer time?

Winter is long gone, and you probably put away all the scarves, sweaters and jackets. It is time to do the same with cosmetics. Greasy moisturising creams replace with creams with a sun screen, adjust shade of foundation and powder to summer tan. What else should you change before summer will come along to stay?

Replace moisturising foundation with colouring moisturising cream. Perfect for it will be BB and CC creams. They will be much better, because foundations have thick and heavy consistency. Why? BB and CC creams have light formula, blend with skin complexion and give natural finish. Additionally, such creams will protect skin against sun radiation, will slightly moisturise it and make face look fresh and radiant. We need this kind of protection. Besides, T zone will get oily much quicker during summer, that is why we should mattify it, not moisturise it. BB creams are great for this task.

Buy cosmetics with darker shade. It is absolutely natural that along with change in complexion, we have to choose more matching shades of cosmetics. During summer, best will be darker shades. Nevertheless, spring and autumn is a time when skin gains or looses tan, so we have to change cosmetics to lighter or darker accordingly. Remember only that difference between skin complexion, foundation and powder should be small. Very important is also application of cosmetics. Blend foundation on the jaw line, forehead, hair line and ears – this way you’ll avoid so called mask effect.

For lips choose lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks in light colours. Thanks to this your make-up will be light, fresh and very natural. If you applied matt cosmetic first then you can add second layer – colourless, shimmering lip gloss. You can buy highlighter and blusher in brighter shades as well, and don’t be afraid of some shimmering pigment, which will make your make-up even more beautiful. Products for eye make-up should be waterproof. Mascara can’t leave lumps and eye pencil or eyeliner can’t imprint on eyelids.

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