Dreaming of White Teeth? See the Secret to Hollywood Smile

Dreaming of snow-white teeth… Can you make this dream come true? White teeth seem to be unattainable for many people. There are people, though, who take matters into their own hands and try to get the desired look. There are plenty of ways to test: ranging from widely-available toothpastes to having the teeth whitened by the dentist.

If you want snow-white teeth, you can choose the easiest way and get a whitening toothpaste. However, you can also take a holistic approach, not only whitening the teeth but also preventing them from going yellowish.

How to do that? Here’s a brief guide for everybody who wants to get the snow-white teeth.

What you eat and drink matters!

Generally, people don’t realize that yellowish shade of teeth has a cause and they are usually the wrongdoers. You can blame the products you drink and eat for holding you back from the Hollywood smile: examples include officer workers’ favorite – coffee – or a glass of red wine at the dinner. Lovers of tea, coca-cola or soy sauce must be careful as well as habitual smokers whose teeth are always yellowish.

These are products that take whiteness away but thankfully you can find others that help you restore the desired color. The tooth-friendly treats include strawberries, oranges, pineapples and apples that are rich in enzymes removing stains and bringing white shade back. Strawberries additionally exfoliate the skin thanks to tiny seeds inside them.

Whitening toothpaste

Obviously, the easiest way involves using a toothpaste enriched with whitening substances. What’s inside your whitening toothpaste? Enzymes, which remove the yellow layer of scale, are the example but your paste may also contain silver particles or micro-polishing particles which physically remove the yellow tartar, making teeth whiter. Black activated charcoal-based toothpastes are growing in popularity, having an antibacterial, detoxifying and exfoliating effect.

Other whitening products

You can try some other products like whitening gels or strips (best-sellers among brides-to-be who want the Hollywood smile fast). Still, be careful because such treatments used for a long time without breaks may cause gum irritations and hypersensitivity.

If you’re a techno-geek you might feel tempted to try the LED light teeth whitening kit: you just need a LED tray connected to your smartphone to boast a white smile after a few weeks.

Natural ways to make teeth whiter

Of course you don’t need to reach out for a whitening toothpaste or strips. You can test some home remedies.

The most effective methods include using a blend of powdered activated charcoal and coconut oil – both ingredients have an antibacterial effect and help whiten the teeth. Regularity matters a lot. You can get a similar effect if you enrich your toothpaste with some powdered charcoal or use coconut oil alone.

Baking soda is another product you can use – it acts as a tooth scrub and has antibacterial properties. Rubbing a banana peel against the teeth is another thing you can try: enzymes included in this fruit help get the snow-white teeth back.

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