Wet Look for You: Make-up and Hair Style

Fashion shows, beauty parlours and streets of every big city were dominated by wet look. How should look this kind of make-up and hair style? It should reflect natural, fresh and radiant skin and hair. To perform it, you will need highlighting cosmetics with large amount of shimmering pigments. Below, you will find few tips on how can you perform wet look.

Basic rule in execution of make-up and hair style in wet look is choosing products, which won’t create impression of greasy skin or hair. Use cosmetics with sateen or pearl finish. You can start with face scrub and application of moisturising cream. When cosmetics will be absorbed by skin then apply foundation. Product needs to have light consistency; best solution would be use of product with highlighting properties. Remember also, that skin needs to be smooth, cleansed and impeccable. Now apply eyeshadow in light colours; you can apply them on the entire eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye. This will make eyes seem bigger, fuller and full of life. Administer highlighter or blusher on the cheek bones. Products used for this can consist of shimmering pigments or provide velvety finish. Apply colourless lip gloss and underline eyebrows with colourless gel.

How to perform hair style with wet look? Well, you don’t have to wet your hair with water. All you need to do is to apply special hair styling cosmetic on the streaks and then sweep them back. As a result, you will gain both sensual and wild hair style for courageous women. Be warned: never use gels of pomade – those products dry real quick, create lumps and streaks deform hair style. Much better will be waxes, creams and lotions. Wet look hair style is performed only for parties and nights out; it isn’t best idea for everyday look. In the hair dresser’s branch are known some variations of this hair style: retro waves, bun, beach waves.

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